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   Src ID   Title, Author 
1 S5 1810 Census Albemarle Co., Va.
2 S1 1820 Census Albemarle Co., Va.
3 S2 1830 Census Albemarle Co., Va.
4 S3 1840 Census Albemarle Co., Va.
5 S4 1850 Census Albemarle Co., Va.
6 S12 Ancestors and Descendants of William Browning and Mary Hoxsie (Lewis)Greene with Allied Families
William E. Wright 
7 S19 Arthur Aylsworth and His Descendents
Homer Elhannan Aylsworth 
8 S21 Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #2754, Date of Import: Apr 12, 1997
9 S13 Broderbund World Family Tree Ver. 2.0
10 S18 Genealogies of R.I. Families
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 
11 S20 Genealogy Dictionary of R.I. Comprising Three Generations of SettlersWho came Before 1690 (With many families carried to
John Osborn Austin 
13 S15 Letter Post Office dated 20 Dec 1996
Allan Troy 
14 S10 Letter Dated 10 Oct 1996
M.L. Lawton 
15 S14 Letter Dated 6 Nov 1996
Barbara McRae 
16 S9 Letter dated 9 Nov 1996 from a Family Bible in possession of her AuntMary Hannah Day Rubner of Twinsburg, Ohio
Kate Lanphier 
17 S16 My Ancestors, A Memorial of John Paine and Mary Ann May of EastWoodstock, Conn.
Lyman May Paine 
18 S17 Ray of Denston Wickhambrook etc. Co. Suffolk and New Shoreham, R.I.
G. Andrews Moriarty, F.S.A. 
19 S11 The Greene Family and Its Branches from A.D. 861 to A.D. 1904
Lora Sarah (Nichols) La Mance of Pineville Missouri 
20 S6 WILL
21 S8 With Historical Records of English Ancestry 1534-1902 Compiled fromthe missives of the late Major-General George Sears Gr
Louise Brownell Clarke, Member of N.Y. Gen. & Bio. Soc. and Long Is.His. Soc. 
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